The Gunpowder Plot


In 1604 England was a protestant nation, tough laws were in place to ensure this – A Catholic person had to practice Catholicism in secret, if caught they faced severe punishment, sometimes even death. A group of Catholics led by Robert Catesby wanted to end this Protestant rule. Catesby’s group consisted of Guy Fawkes, Thomas Percy, Thomas Wintour and Jack Wright. Catesby wanted to kill the King and all his followers, the perfect opportunity was the State Opening of Parliament, here the King along with his heirs and the government would be together in the Palace of Westminster, Catesby planned to blow the Palace up, and then he hoped all the Catholics would unite and take over the country.

The Plotters

Catesby had lodgings in Lambeth, which was on the opposite side of the river Thames, the group stored the gunpowder here, until a coal merchant decided to sell his cellar, which…

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